So we have next update.
It comes with the winter default and fixes for some bugs and maps.
Though the update is not very large, we hope that it will bring you pleasure, and bit of a winter mood.
The update should occur automatically, if it does not, start Updater.exe manually.
In case of serious problems, just download the game again, and reinstall. ps. Many of the prepared materials were not included because of problems with the updater, but they will come as soon as the problems are resolved..

Welcome to Impressive World, a long-term IT server.
In this game, you can play as either a wolf, lion or a gryphon and can customise them to however you want. You can chat with other real life players, roleplay, Impressive World is an International-based server that was founded and created by BigBan and Cheerps. The game itself is a large, public server that incorperates many new items, maps and prey.

Design team applications open! HERE!
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Design Team applications open!

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